This is Marty. Marty is really into cannabis.

In fact, Marty loves your plants as much as you do.

Cultivo Biologicals will create a dynamic plan helping you prevent Marty and his friends

from taking over your profits.

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Below are a few more of Marty's friends and enemies 




Caterpillars preparing to pupate. In California, at least one generation per month could be completed successfully under favorable weather conditions, making it criticially important to be proactive with parasites that interrupt the cycle at the eggs stage.
Lepidoptera Eggs


Girdled roots and Crown Rot.
White-colored mold
(Phytopthora mycelium) growth on the surface of the crown area


Emerging Trichogramma wasps 
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The female trichogramma is prolific during a lifespan that is less than two weeks. She injects a single egg into the eggs of the pest. After consuming the contents of its host egg, a new adult emerges within a week. Because of this quick turnover, trichogramma wasps multiply rapidly given the right conditions and are are quite useful for early control of lepidoptera spp 
Often referred to as The Angel of Death, the Hemp Russet Mite is so tiny that infestation often goes unnoticed
until the damage is irreparable. Having a solid IPM program in place and practiced religiously
is the first step to avoiding Hemp Russet Mites. 
Identifying them before flower damage occurs takes a trained eye or a microscope.
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