Lisa Fox holds both Pest Control Advisor and Qualified Applicator Licenses.  She began her career as a grower and pest control manager in the ornamental nursery sector. 

Gaining a strong understanding of California agricultural practices and compliance rules—as well as becoming bilingual—allowed Lisa to open Eatwell Consulting in 1998, which focused on safety training on compliance issues relating to pesticides and Cal/OSHA.

Lisa's extensive entomological knowledge allows her to quickly identify and organize insect taxonomy and create solid biological solutions.

We refer to Lisa as our "in-house bug savant".

Joanne O’Sullivan is a licensed Pest Control Advisor with experience in both conventional and organic agriculture. She holds a degree in Plant Science that has allowed her opportunities in research, outreach, and advising in multiple areas of California agriculture. 

She brings along her knowledge from her work with the Ventura Agricultural Commissioner's Office as well as years spent rearing beneficial insects.

Joanne is passionate about cannabis production and is always happy to share her experience and knowledge, as well as her cool digital microscope!