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Cultivo Biologicals’ services utilize biological control — the use of natural enemies such predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors — to control pests and their damage.

We practice proactive monitoring to accurately identify and evaluate pests in the growing environment.

As a grower, you know that regular scouting is the first step in preventing pest populations

from reaching economic injury levels, and how it is far more effective and less expensive than reactive measures. 

We at Cultivo become skilled eyes for you, always watching for new pests and delivering solutions before extensive damage can occur.

In addition to biological control, Cultivo Biologicals will recommend ecosystem-based strategies for cultural,

mechanical and physical managements that focus on long-term prevention of pests and their damage.

We offer safety and compliance training for employers and their employees.  In the ever-changing climate of cannabis cultivation, we help you to stay up to date on changes that impact you and your business.

Consider us your native guide as we keep communications flowing from the county agricultural commissioners office and the department of pesticide regulations so you never find yourself uncertain.

With combined experience of over 65 years, Cultivo Biologicals will provide the

knowledge, experience and solutions you need for your unique cannabis growing challenges.




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